never, ever

never, ever
Never means "at no time whatsoever," "not ever," "on no occasion," "in no way": "I will never, learn to keep quiet." "Never mind, I'll help you." Ever has meanings exactly opposite those of never: "Ever since then, I have been careful." "He is ever alert to the needs of others." Ever should be used rather than never in negative statements: "Nobody ever (not never) said that to me before." (See also double negative.) Ever should also be used as an alternative to a negative: "I refused to help him, not then or ever." Never is used as the alternative to an affirmative idea: "Seldom or never (not ever) have I seen anything like this." When if precedes, either ever or never may be used: "If ever I see you again! " "If I never see you again! "

Dictionary of problem words and expressions. . 1975.

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